Our Approach

What We Do

At Skillmatics, we have a dedicated team of subject experts, educationalists, remedial instructors and design specialists who collaborate to create innovative and engaging educational products so that children can constantly learn through the joy of play.

We undertake extensive research into learning frameworks and pedagogies while developing our products. While we have a unique learning framework, our products are inspired by Kolb’s Learning Cycle and Harvard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

Our products are meticulously designed to ensure that a child can benefit from a continuous cycle of learning while enjoying hours and hours of fun!

Our Technique

Skillmatics Write and Wipe Activity Mats are based on the principle that children absorb concepts well through repetition. Further the Write and Wipe format makes learning super fun! Now your child can enjoy Skillmatics again and again!

Skills Built With Skillmatics

skill building for kids